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Adjust to the capacity and resources we need when we choose a hosting

Tips for choosing the first hosting is, know what our website resource needs are. Next, find a service package that suits the needs of our website. For this, you need to understand the things about resources. Resource means web hosting resources, as a place to store our website on the internet. These resources include disk space (website data storage space), RAM, EP, and I / O. In the meantime, you may try the $1 hosting service for saving up your budget efficiently.

Disk space

Choose a web hosting package that has disk space capacity that fits the needs of our website. In addition to the amount of capacity that must be appropriate, the type of storage media should not be ignored. Instead of choosing an HDD, it’s better to use web hosting that already uses SSD. It’s because SSD is proven 8 times faster than HDD.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

If disk space is a permanent storage place for a file hosting, then RAM is a temporary file storage place. The greater the RAM, the faster, web hosting processes access our website.


Choose hosting that provides large bandwidth, even unlimited. If the bandwidth provided is large, then the website will load faster because the server is able to transfer larger data every second.

This does not make the transfer data large, because the amount of data transfer depends on the number of website visitors and the size of our website files (including images, audio, videos etc.). The greater the number of visitors, the greater the amount of data transferred from your website, the greater the data transfer.

Entry Process (EP)

Entry Process (EP) is a benchmark for calculating the number of website scripts that are processed by web hosting at one time. The time unit used is the millisecond.

I / O

The next web hosting specification that you can’t miss is I / O or Input Output. I / O determines how fast you download and download your web hosting.